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DadPad: Baseball, Board Games and Facebook

April 20, 2010

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Ahhh, it’s baseball season.  I love baseball.  I don’t follow it nearly as much as I used to.  When I was a kid, I used to play a game called Sports Illustrated baseball.  A friend of mine from down the block would come over and we would play all weekend during many weekends of the summer.  We would each play a certain number of teams and play a schedule just like the major leagues with playoffs and a world series.  It was a blast!  There were/are a number of other board games for baseball.   Games like “Pursue the Pennant“, “Strat-o-matic“, “Sports Illustrated baseball” and other tabletop games bring back great memories for me.  I just wish I had introduced my son to them.  If you’re interested, I found a website called Tabletop Board Games which listed a number of the old throwback baseball games.  Maybe you and your son or daughter can sit down and roll the dice for a home run together :).

Nowadays, most of the games we play are of the electronic kind.  They’re fun as well.  But, for me, I’ll take rolling the dice, erasing the statistics on a piece of paper to update a players last at-bat and the joy of being with a friend sitting around a table.

Just for fun, as I was looking at my favorite teams’ Facebook Fan Page (The Minnesota Twins) I decided to do something a little goofy.  I wanted to compare the number of Fans the official MN Twins had racked up on Facebook to the rest of the MLB teams.  Not surprisingly, the top two teams are the NY Yankees and the Boston Red Sox (my Twins are surprisingly #7).  But, which is the  favorite (at least Facebook fan favorite)  Los Angeles team?  How about the bay area winner?  You’ll be surprised (at least I was) at some of the teams and how little or many fans they have in comparison to the rest of the MLB Facebook teams.  Since it’s baseball season and since baseball is such a “dad-sport”, I thought I would include a little fun list on today’s DadPad post.  Here’s the list I compiled unofficially–where does your favorite team rank?:

* from Facebook-this is the fan page with the largest number of fans for a search on that team name (most if not all of the time it was the official page of the MLB team) as of 4/19/2010 8:30pm

#Fans Rank Team # of FB Fans *
1 New York Yankees 1,288,526
2 Boston Red Sox 1,073,166
3 Chicago Cubs 552,690
4 Philadelphia Phillies 343,068
5 San Francisco Giants 330,981
6 St. Louis Cardinals 316,059
7 Minnesota Twins 281,286
8 Detroit Tigers 262,325
9 Atlanta Braves 258,816
10 Chicago White Sox 232,187
11 New York Mets 196,441
12 Oakland A’s 191,317
13 Los Angeles Dodgers 184,416
14 Milwaukee Brewers 179,066
15 Cleveland Indians 151,289
16 Seattle Mariners 141,005
17 Houston Astros 129,230
18 Texas Rangers 125,344
19 Kansas City Royals 115,056
20 Colorado Rockies 115,054
21 Tampa Bay Rays 112,822
22 Cincinnati Reds 105,631
23 Los Angeles Angels 104,401
24 Toronto Blue Jays 101,602
25 Baltimore Orioles 97,168
26 Florida Marlins 83,309
27 San Diego Padres 80,701
28 Pittsburgh Pirates 71,612
29 Arizona Diamondbacks 65,248
30 Washington Nationals 43,634

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Father’s Day Memories–a series (PT 1): Treasured Memories

June 12, 2009

Over the next several days leading up to Father’s Day, we (the collective author team) thought that it was only fitting for a blog about Dad’s to focus on this one day during the year when the nations eyes are on “old pops”.

Each of us will take a stab at sharing memories about our dads (some of these have come out in various blog posts previously) and how those memories have helped shape (both good and bad) who we are as “fathers”.

Batter UP–Gregg Stutts; On Deck–Jeff Abramovitz; In the hole–Leary Gates!

Having lived in Arkansas for the past 20 years, there hasn’t been an easy opportunity to take my son to a MajorDad and Son at Baseball game League Baseball game. The closest team is the Texas Rangers, but they’re about five hours away. Today though, we’re going to see the Atlanta Braves play the Pittsburght Pirates at Turner Field. We’re staying at Young Life camp about an hour north of Atlanta, so I couldn’t pass up the chance.

I grew up in New Jersey about 90 minutes east of Philadelphia and 90 minutes south of New York City, so my dad took me to see a number of baseball games. I remember seeing a Yankee game from box seats along the third baseline. I think we once sat behind homeplate at Shea Stadium to see the Mets play.

My favorite memories by far though are of going to the Vet in Philadelphia to see the Phillies play. Much of the drive from Brick, New Jersey to Philadelphia is along Route 70. It’s a state highway that begins at the Jersey Shore (New Jersey actually has great beaches!) and ends near Pennsylvania. Route 70 has great memories for me. Probably better memories than the games themselves.

Route 70 was paved in such a way that your car tires made a “ba-dump…ba-dump…ba-dump” sound as you drove. I think much of the old road has been paved over now, but anyone who has traveled that highway knows what I mean though. I love just the thought of that sound.

Going to a Phillies game also meant stopping at Olga’s Diner. I don’t remember anything special about the food, but I’m sure my dad could tell you what he liked there. He often remembered places he’d been by the restaurants he’d visited. No trip to Philadelphia was complete without a stop at Olga’s.

So today, I get to take my son to his first MLB game. I’m hoping he’ll take away at least one good memory of the day. I know I’ve got a treasure chest loaded with memories of being with my dad.

Sound off: What are the treasured memories of being with your dad?

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