No, We Haven’t Stopped Writing for the DadPad


I was recently asked if we stopped writing for the DadPad.  We apologize for the “hoards” ***snicker*** of you that follow our little blog.  I (Jeff) take full responsibility.  It is the death knell of any blog to leave it dormant for nearly two months.  Shame on us.  Our apologies.

OK…now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…we truly do apologize for the latent posting activity.  Latent because I’ve started at least a half a dozen posts that are still in draft mode.  I’ve got a lot of thoughts and things I’d like to share to get your response but just haven’t finished them enough to hit the “publish” button.  But, thanks to the gentlemen that prompted my inner writer, I am committed (at least temporarily 😉 to resume posts about fathering on The DadPad.

We do want to let you know that we are in the very early stages of revamping our blog, considering how we can get some additional voices as authors, engage a larger number of dads to contribute content and make this a place where dads of all shapes, sizes and ages can come in, learn a little…share a little and feel a little more of the fatherhood fraternity.

So, look for more regular posts as we intentionally share more of our experiences as dads with the hope of being a source of encouragement to everyone who holds the esteemed title of “father”.

In the meantime, if there are some issues you’d like to see us address, subjects you have immediate concerns about or just want to share some of your fathering insights, please feel free to share them as comments to this post or email us at

Until our next post (and we promise it will be sooner than 44 days from now)…

Go get ’em, Dad.


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