DadPad Quotes and Notes: Boomerang Gang


Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home. Bill Cosby

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The countdown is on.  We are theoretically about 133 days to launching our last child to college.  I say theoretically because we have a son who is graduating and we have a strange feeling that he may be coming back.  So, just when you think you have finished a phase of parenting (the college launch), you enter into another one (the return to the nest of the graduated).  And we are just trying to figure out what that looks like.

We want to help our son and, quite honestly, I’m not sure if my wife can handle having me all to herself ;).  But, trying to figure out what is the best for him, for us and the family is easier in theory than reality.

On one hand, I want him to be able to grow up and mature.  On the other, it’s nice having him close.  We actually enjoy him :).  But, it’s good for him to be out on his own.  Currently he isn’t sure what he’s going to do for work (he has a biology degree but doesn’t want to go into medicine so he’s not sure how that will translate to career pursuits).  We know that he’ll need some time to sort through his options.

Besides, is it SO bad to have a college graduate at home for a little while?  I’ve been thinking lately about why we embrace individualism so much in this country when most other cultures try to keep the generations of families close, if not in the same home.  Additionally, I don’t see any biblical reference to moving as far away from family as possible as soon as you graduate from school.  Is this just an American phenomenon?  And, as our culture ages, are we seeing the impact of distance separating families affect how the elderly are cared for?  Ok…waxing way too philosophically.  But, I have thought about some of these things (weird, I know).

So, today, I’m reaching out.  I would LOVE to hear from you who have gone before me on this adventure, have journeyed through this with your kids and made some decisions about rules of returning home.  I want to hear how you decided how long they could stay at home after graduating; did you make them pay rent; what about chores? and things like that.  And, how did you communicate it to them?

Thanks for helping out a mom and dad who will soon need to make these decisions for real!

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