March Madness: A Family Affair?


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There is no greater sporting event on this or any other planet than the NCAA Men’s College Basketball championship tournament (aka March Madness), in my opinion.  In fact, my wife didn’t realize what this event turned me into before she married me.  If she had, I may have been watching this years event alone (as with the previous 24).  I hid it well enough so that she never thought anything of it when we set our wedding date (March 23, 1985).  Showing maturity beyond my years, I didn’t even flinch when we considered that of 52 weekends available, we had to have our wedding during one of the three dedicated to this event.  But, that maturity quickly disappeared and my immaturity reared it’s ugly head during our honeymoon.

No sense in going into too much detail (you can ask my wife and I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to share those memorable details with you 😉 ), but our honeymoon was the theater for my stupidity.  Let’s just say that the weekend after our wedding, our honeymoon continued and so did March Madness.  What’s so wrong about spending some of your honeymoon in a hotel room, anyway?

Now that you see my obsession with this event (I’ll be getting counseling but not until a new champion has been crowned this year), it shouldn’t surprise you that I’ve dragged my family into my March Madness.  So, for nearly 20 years, we’ve filled out brackets at home (no money involved 🙂 ), and take turns circling winners and crossing out losers as the tournament progresses.  It’s become one of our little family traditions.  So, we anxiously await the announcement of the brackets so that we can pick out our winners and losers as a family.  Not exactly memorizing God’s Word together but it has been something that we’ve enjoyed as a family and look forward to it again this year as being uniquely “us”.

For Discussion:  What family traditions do you have that are uniquely yours that will allow your kids to build upon when they grow and have their own families?


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