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One-Tenth of a Year

January 7, 2010

I know we don’t normally think of tenths of a year. Instead, we divide years into twelve months. Recently though, I experienced a wonderful “tenth of a year.”

My oldest daughter, Rachel, and her husband live in California, so we don’t see them very often. Since Richard was finishing up a Marine deployment, Rachel was able to be with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. We had a great time with her. I even had the privilege of baptizing her just two days after Christmas.

One of the things that makes our time with Rachel so special is how “unspecial” things used to be. Let’s just say she wasn’t the easiest child to parent. I’ve shared it previously, but this is the same child who at the age of eight when asked by me what she’d like to be in charge of, replied without hesitation, “You and mommy.” Those three words foreshadowed the next ten years.

Sadly, I learned this holiday season just how quickly a tenth of a year can pass. You know how it is–one moment you’re waiting for family to arrive and before you know what happened, you’re hugging goodbye.

So the quick passage of a tenth of a year got me thinking–they’re all going to pass just as quickly. January and February aren’t as much fun as November and December, but they will fly by also. Same number of minutes each day. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Before I know it, it’ll be spring break. Then summer. Then the start of football practice for my son and senior year of high school for my third daughter.

It hit me a couple years ago, that once my children leave for college (two already have), there will be many more days for the rest of our lives that we will not see each other. Up until college starts, we see each other almost everyday of our lives. But going off to college changes everything. Oh, I’m still their dad and we can still have a close relationship…but it’s different. They’re not there at the end of the day to hug or tuck into bed.

So it got me thinking about how many more tenths of a year I’ve got with my two remaining kids at home. Amy is half way through her junior of high school now. She’ll start college in August of 2011. I’ve got 16 tenths left. Not many, if you ask me.

Rob is in 8th grade. Feels like I’ve got a lot of time left with him. But I really don’t. I have 46 tenths left with him. I know how fast the previous tenth went by. No reason to think the next 46 won’t be just as fast.

How many tenths do you have left with your kids?

What are you going to do with them?