Heroic Fatherhood and Merry Christmas


I love a great hero. Most of my favorite movies have a valient hero as it’s central character. I think it’s part of being a man. And, as a dad, I have visions of being my childrens hero. So, when I see or hear of a heroic father I pay attention- to join the brotherhood of fathers and rise up to say “way to go” and to take a note for personal use.

Today the Christian world celebrates Christmas. Amidst the flurry of exchanging gifts, token church visits and uniting with family, we are celebrating one of the most amazing acts of Fatherhood heroism in all of history. The Creator of the universes and of all breathing and living things sent His Son to be with us as one of us (yet still maintaining the attributes of God).

Whenever I think of this story I look at my son ( who is NOT God 😉 ) and wonder if I could do that to him? Could I send him into a place to take on a different form to eventually be murdered so I could then raise him from the dead to save mankind. I guess if I was God, I could. But I’m not. This is an act only THE most Heroic Father could perform. I’m left to applaud His great sacrifice on behalf of mankind as a believer in Him, as part of the fraternity of fathers and look to see how it can make me a better dad.

If you haven’t studied this God as a model for great fathering, maybe you’ll spend some time today thinking about Christmas in a new and life changing way: From one Heroic Father to a wannabe hero.

On behalf of my author-partners here at the Dadpad, we pray that you and your family have a blessed and meaningful Christmas.



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