Firecracker Dad


July 4th is a “dad” kind of holiday.  Fireworks.  Grilling.  Outdoor games (more manly when lawn-jarts were played).  As a dad, I’m all over this weekend.  Love to grill.  Love to get outside and “mix it up”.  But, one thing I never got into was setting off fireworks.  My mom never got into fireworks much.  I’m talking real fireworks.  Not the sparklers or even the little packs of “wildcats” that most everyone used.  I’m talking the M80’s or Silver Salutes.  GuyWorks.  Nope.  Not me.  Consequentially, I never was into it much as a father either.  A friend of mine and his kids light tens/hundreds of fireworks every July 4th holiday.

So, it got me thinking and wanting to see if I could get some feedback to a July 4th survey.


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One Response to “Firecracker Dad”

  1. Phillip Gibb Says:

    I used be mad firecracker for Guy Faukes Day (since we don’t have 4 July here), to the point of kind of my making my own ‘explosives’. not any more, responsibility set in some time ago. Besides I don’t like what it does to the dogs in the neighborhood :O

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