Meaningful, Powerful Connection


It was a great day. It was filled with truth, relationship and experience…and those elements always lead to a meaningful, powerful connection.

Most of the day was spent wrapping up miscellaneous tasks before leaving town for a couple days. No one item was major, but all together, they kept me busy. At 2:40 p.m., I brought my 19-year-old daughter to the doctor. She’d been experiencing some ringing in her ears that’s been getting a little worse, so we went in to check it out.

We waited for about 90 minutes before we could get in to see the doctor. Normally, 90 minutes in a doctor’s waiting room is, well, less than a great time, but these were 90 minutes I’ll treasure.

Erica and I talked and played–making each other laugh by taking silly pictures on our cell phones and sending them to each other. Once in the examination room, I talked with her about trusting God regardless of circumstances or feelings.

The next day, I learned that a car we’d been looking to buy for her was sold. Naturally, she was disappointed, but I reminded her that God has the right car at the right time for us. Who knows…maybe the one we were considering was going to break down. Bottom line: we trust God with the process. Even though it was by phone, it was another opportunity to not only connect with my daughter, but continue the process of helping her connect with God.

You can have a relationship without truth or experience, but it’s a little empty. You can have truth without relationship or experience, but it may not have the same impact or “sticking effect.” You can have experience without truth or relationship, but it’s not much more than a roller coaster ride–fun, but lacking meaning.

Put them all together; truth, relationship and experience, and together they create a lasting connection. Sometimes it can be planned like with Passport to Purity or Weekend to Remember. But sometimes it just happens like when you’re waiting for the doctor or trying to buy a car.

Sound off: When did you experience a meaningful connection, planned or unplanned, with your child?


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