Media Decision Making–What do you do??


Today’s post will be short and sweet but we need your participation to make this interesting. In a world of instant media, how do you make media decisions for your family? What do you let them watch on television? What movies do you let them see and at what age (assuming you abide by the approved movie ratings)? Do you limit time at or up to certain ages? How do you handle computer “face time”, i.e., do you have a guideline in your home that allows TV+computer+ipod+…?  Do you use media time (or taking it away) as a tool for disciplining your child to study harder?

So much to be aware of and manage as a parent.  We all face these issues.  Ignorance is not an option.  As beneficial and educational as media is to our culture, there are also a LOT of traps.  Having a game plan is a necessity as a dad/parent.

Share your family guidelines for viewing media with as much detail as you are willing to provide (ages of children, types of programs, hours a day, etc). This might just help the dad who’s in a phase where he’s making these decisions for the first time or has to establish new guidelines for his children as they enter a new stage of life.

If we get enough replies, we’ll post the results into a blog that we will publish later this month.

P.S. Please Share this with others so we gather more responses to make for a more interesting post later!

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