10 Tips on May 10 for Affirming Your Kids Mom


Ok, guys.  Let’s face it.  Most of us could use a toe-hold or two when it comes to doling out affirmations.  So, the DadPad authors compiled a list of tips, borne largely from trial and error, that can make this Mother’s day a memorable one for your kid’s mom.

1.  Lead the way.  Coach your kids to think about something they appreciate about their mom and find time together as a family to share it – perhaps over a meal prepared for mom.  As a dad, set the example, and go first. Variations or other fun ways to communicate your appreciation as a family:

  • You could also do this in a letter/note format or film it and post in on YouTube or Facebook and share it for others to see (after she sees it, of course)
  • Before she wakes up on Sunday morning, write encouraging thoughts on post-it notes, then place them around the house for her to find. If they’re old enough, get your kids to help.

2. In front of your children, take your wife by the hand and thank God for her.

3. Each one in the family take a chore or two that mom typically has to do around the house and secretly divvy up the duties for a week/month so she doesn’t have to do them.  Leave a note behind in the area of the duty telling her how much you appreciate all she does around the house for the family.

4.  Make your affirmations specific.  Say, “I like the way you patiently take the time to answer the Johnny’s questions” rather than “You’re a great mom.”

5.  Mix it up.  If you’ve been in a flowers and dinner rut, try something different.  Plan a picnic, a walk in a park, or a family bike ride.  Find something that she would enjoy – maybe it’s time by herself at the local spa.

6.  Give her the week off of cooking.  Take her out, cook it for her, grill, kill, or fill.

7.  Affirm her for being more than a mom.  Women want to know that the man in their life notices what’s in their heart.  For instance, tell her how you enjoy seeing her come alive when she gets involved in an interest she has.  Or something you’ve learned from watching her that you’d like to be better at.

8:  Brag about her to your children.

9.  Give her a pedicure. No, not the money for one, you do it. Here’s how: http://www.ehow.com/how_2556_give-mate-pedicure.html

10.  Take an afternoon off, pick her up and take her out to lunch as a “thank you” for all she’s done.

Hope these help stir some last minute thoughts! Remember, she’s your children’s mother EVERY day so you can use these throughout the year…hint, hint. But, don’t forget to do at least ONE of them tomorrow!!!

And, if our wives are reading this, WE LOVE YOU, HONEY(s)!!!

SOUND OFF: Share ways you have or did show “Mom Love” to your spouses as a husband/family on Mother’s Day?

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