Gotcha! The Rise and Fall of the Didja Monster.


ticklemeWhen my children were little, we used to play a game we called “Tickle Monster.”  I would chase them around the house until one of them agreed to be “caught.”  Gotcha! Bring on the tickling.  It was a game we all enjoyed.  In fact, as teens they still occasionally provoke the Tickle Monster.


I’ve noticed recently, however, that another monster has taken over.


This one doesn’t tickle—it nags.  The Didja Monster chases them with reminders they haven’t forgotten. Didja take out the trash? Didja finish your schoolwork? Didja exceed your time on the video game? Implied in each question is a shortcoming—theirs. While Tickle Monsters wear you down with laughter, the weapon of the Didja Monsters is failure.


So, I’ve resolved to take on the Didja Monster personally.  As Jesus told his disciples, “This kind can come out only by prayer.”  It takes a lot of prayer to see how my admonitions affect my kids. Too often, I find, the Didja Monster is really there to serve me.  That’s not the role model I want to be for my children.


Instead, I’m going to be more deliberate in catching them when they do something good.  Now I’m on the prowl to tickle them with delight in noticing their contributions to the world and saying Gotcha!  Will you join me?  Write an affirmation to your children in the comments below.  I’ll go first.


SOUND OFF:  What have your children done recently that tickled you with delight?

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2 Responses to “Gotcha! The Rise and Fall of the Didja Monster.”

  1. Leary Gates Says:

    Gotcha Stephanie! I liked hearing your passion to help those less fortunate during our walk the other day. You make me notice too!
    Gotcha Ryan! I was tickled that you called yesterday just to see how I was doing. Thanks. It meant a lot to me.
    Gotcha Josh! I heard your affirmations of your brother as he was worrying about his upcoming tests. Way to go!
    Gotcha Jonathan! I noticed how you jumped in to get the house ready when we had company the other night – without prompting. Thanks for serving!

  2. Pat Badstibner Says:

    Gotcha Micheala I am so pschyed by the young lady you are becoming, and am looking forward to your post onmy blog on thursday

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