Grace and More Grace


I received an email from a friend today. She was telling me about some of difficulties she and her co-workers were going through. Layoffs. Illnesses. Car accidents. Deaths.

I was reminded once again that everyone is going through something difficult. Sure, the degree of difficulty is different, but difficulty is also relative, isn’t it?

Dealing with a death is certainly more difficult than dealing with the flu, stormbut if you’re the one with the flu and still have to care for three young children, then life is hard at the moment. Really hard.

It’s not just adults that experience difficult times though. Our kids do, too.

We moved from Little Rock to Fayetteville, Arkansas last year. For Robyn and me, it’s been a great move. It was ministry that brought us here and it’s going well.

Our two youngest kids didn’t ask for a move though. They liked where we were. They liked their schools, their neighborhood, the house we lived in and most of all, their friends.

Our kids had to start completely over. Different house. Different schools. Different friends. They’ve done remarkably well, but it’s been difficult at times.

Maybe it’s not adjusting to a move, but your kids are facing something difficult today. Your daughter might not feel pretty. It could be that your son is not as athletically gifted as his friends. Maybe they feel like they’re not in the cool group at school.

Those issues may not seem like much and will resolve themselves given a little time, but they’re a big deal to your child. Today is difficult.

What can you do as a dad? Well, it’s important to know what’s going on in your child’s life, so making time to talk is important, but let me suggest something else, as well.

Be quick to shower your children with lots of grace. Drench them in it.

A poor attitude, talking back or disobedience might just be an indication that something is going on inside. Maybe your child is lonely or scared or feels rejected. Your child needs to know you care and understand…and that grace is abundant.

SOUND OFF: What difficulties are your kids facing? Are you showing them grace?


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3 Responses to “Grace and More Grace”

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  2. Adrian Bickley Says:

    My youngest is 3. His difficulty is he loves to cross the line with authority-daddy and mommy. Oh, it is difficulty to shower grace in this midst of this. But grace must be given to see that goodness does prevail and will prevail. One way that I show him with grace is I do silly songs with him. I also tickle him to get him to laugh. Before, I went to work after lunch, I gave him a kiss even though he already crossed the line with his mommy. THe most important way to shower him with grace is saying or signing, “I love you, my dear son.”

  3. Jeff Abramovitz Says:

    Adrian—thanks for the comment. Ahh, I remember that age…barely ;). Way to go, dad. I can almost hear you singing now. Great reply.

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