Perception Is Everything


I’ve never been a big fan of March. It’s a “no-mans-land” month for me. Football ended a couple months ago and doesn’t kick-off again for over five months. I like March Madness, but not enough though to move March up in the rankings.

March is also a “weather-tease.” Some days are warm, but it could still snow before the month is out. Yesterday was one of those warm days, but not warm enough for the air-conditioner, so I had the sliding glass door in the living room open. The flies aren’t out yet, so all that came in was a cool breeze. Until one of those large, slow-moving mosquitoes wandered in.

It finally landed on the floor next to one of my kids, who rather than whacking it,mosquito let it get away. Feeling frustrated, I grabbed a newspaper, folded it, and stepped in to do the job. The mosquito flew out of reach, but a minute later came within range. I got him in mid flight with my hand.

My child who’d let the mosquito escape said, “You always get angry.” She meant at her, not the mosquito. Ouch.

Do I “always” get angry? No. Does it seem like it to her? Apparently, it does. Sometimes, perception is everything. I apologized to her and told her I didn’t mean to get angry.

It was good for me to hear that. I really don’t want my kids thinking dad is angry all the time, especially at ridiculous things like a failure to kill a bug.

I want my kids to know they are always, completely, 100% of the time, pleasing to me. I want them to know there’s nothing they can do to earn or lose my love. It’s one thing though to say it. It’s another thing for them to experience it.

SOUND OFF: What are your kids experiencing from you?  Try asking them.


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