I’ve been Pwned.


“Hit the A button…No Dad.  The A button!”  One of my teenage sons excitedly coaches me while the other breaks into hysterical laughter.  The instructions I heard to make the guy on this video game jump was, “Hit the A button, hold down the trigger key with your left finger, push the thumb lever to your right and scratch your nose.”  Or something like that.  Mastering a video game controller is like taking a lesson from a golf pro.  I can’t assimilate the four hundred other things I’m supposed to do after “keep your head down.”  I gave that game up too.

controllerIt seems my kids are always inviting me into their world of competence and out of my own.  They keep coaxing me, “Dad, wanna play a video game?”  I respond, “How about a nice game of Sorry instead?”  They groan – only because they know I always win at Sorry.  I groan too because they always win at Xbox.

One of the things I’ve been trying to work on lately is to respond when they invite me into their world.  As my kids are moving out on their own and into college I’m more sensitive to the limited amount of time I have with the ones that are still at home.  But I have to admit, I’m not very good at entering their world.  My dad seldom entered my world – in fact, I can’t remember a time he did. It would be cowardly, however, to park my inabilities at his doorstep.  The absence of a role model is no excuse for inaction on my part. No, instead, I need to buck up and not let my incompetency keep me from venturing into their world.  I may be always be a “Newb” and my kids will probably always “pwn” me but maybe in “RL” I’ll be “uber” because I valued connection over competency.  (If you need a glossary to decipher that last sentence, click here).

SOUND OFF:  What arena are your kids inviting you into?


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2 Responses to “I’ve been Pwned.”

  1. Matt Says:

    That link to the online glossary helped me alot! The whole blog was great! My kids are still little, but staying aware of their generation is already a challenge for me. TY!

  2. Leary Gates Says:

    Thanks for sounding off Matt! We love to hear from our readers and glad you enjoyed the post. It’ll be fun to see what new slang the next generation “pwns” 🙂

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