Hello Dad!!


Hello Dad…Father…Papa…The Big Cheese…etc. No matter what term you use, your role of “father” is the most powerful role you have. Yet none of us saw a “parenting manual” attached to our first child.

We (the authors), each vividly recall the birth of our first child and the stark reality of what we had entered into with very little training. It was both exciting and intimidating. It was a challenge that was enormous but significant. And, some 20+ years later, it has been worth the fear, anxiety and sweat that we’ve endured as dads.

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Being a dad is a challenge. We want to share personal stories of our own successes and even our failures as dads. And we invite you to tell us what’s worked for you. Growth comes best in the context of community; the more insights we share, the more we benefit. Most importantly, everything we include in this blog, whether a humorous story, a video that touched us in some way, or some anecdote, will be subject to the transcendent truth of God’s Word. Why? Because we actually do have a manual for raising children; the Bible. And there’s no better book to raise your family.

So, we’re glad you’re here! We hope you’ll think with us, laugh with us, engage with us and pray with us over our families. If you like what you’re see, tell others. We’ll all grow to be better fathers when you do.


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