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Dad…Don’t say it!

January 31, 2009

The door between our garage and mud room opened.  Our daughter was home. My wife and I were planted on the sofa when the door opened. But, this was not a typical return home. “I had an accident” were the words she blurted out in rapid fire succession accompanied by high volume and many tears. I’m not always quick on the uptake but I did dad_daughter_hug_smallthat it wasn’t likely a serious accident since she had not been escorted into our home by an officer.

The words began to form over my tongue. They quickly spilled forward into the cavity of my mouth and were being arranged for a volcanic spewing. “AN ACCIDENT”…”WHY CAN’T YOU BE MORE CAREFUL”…”YOU WON’T BE DRIVING UNTIL YOU’RE 25”. They were forming easily and furiously. Then, a wonder of God took place. The Spirit of the Lord gave me a peace and nearly audible instruction to wait before speaking. James 1:19-20 flooded my mind and I became “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” (more…)


When Daddy Comes Home

January 27, 2009

“Daddy’s home!” — a distant echo from a time when my children were overjoyed to see me come home after a long day at the office. They were young then and, like their mom, no doubt happy to have someone different to interact with for a while.


Pickles and Ice Cream

January 22, 2009

picklesandicecream2 OK…this doesn’t appear to be the title that would grab the attention of men, unless of course you’re pregnant.  But it brings back memories of our dads for my wife and me.

My parents divorced when I was young.  As their only child, I was able to spend quality alone time with my dad every Sunday and for two weeks during our annual summer trip.  Though it wasn’t ideal and I would have preferred seeing him everyday, we worked it out the best we could.  Our relationship developed in the confines of his one bedroom apartments.  Memories of our experiences together are plentiful, but only a few have stayed with me.  Minnesota Viking season tickets…that annual summer trip…and, Cat Stevens music :-).  We don’t attend Viking football games anymore; we don’t take annual vacations together and I never did listen to Cat Stevens music alone.   Yet, there is one experience we shared that sticks with me today…pickles.  Pickles, green olives and small cocktail onions (usually served in an alcoholic beverage) were delicacies for our palates (I never did get his taste for pickled Herring).  Those were just a few of the foods my dad introduced me to as a child.  Today, they have stayed with me.

My wife has some similar memories of times with her dad.  She attributes her love of ice cream to his penchant for bringing home a quart of DairyQueen’s soft-serve ice cream on a regular basis.  Nutritional concerns have limited my father in-laws frequent partaking of this palate pleasure, but not eliminated it.  My wife still enjoys her ice cream, yet her thin figure today would tell you she watches her intake carefully (our daughter works at a premium ice cream shop–niiiice).

These aren’t memories that pointed our lives in any significant direction.  Nothing profound; just some simple memories of simple days gone by with our dads.

Here are a couple of questions for you to ponder and respond to:

  • What do you enjoy today (food, music, games, movies, etc) that was born out of shared experiences with your dad?
  • What do you do today (maybe even unintentionally) with your child/children that might be the subject of their future blog entry about simple memories shared with you?

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Father, forgive them!

January 19, 2009

I had lunch this week with Dave, a friend of mine and father of three adult children.  The topic of this blog came up so I asked, “What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned as a dad?”  Dave’s answer was profoundly succinct, “Expect less, love more.”


Hello Dad!!

January 7, 2009

Hello Dad…Father…Papa…The Big Cheese…etc. No matter what term you use, your role of “father” is the most powerful role you have. Yet none of us saw a “parenting manual” attached to our first child.

We (the authors), each vividly recall the birth of our first child and the stark reality of what we had entered into with very little training. It was both exciting and intimidating. It was a challenge that was enormous but significant. And, some 20+ years later, it has been worth the fear, anxiety and sweat that we’ve endured as dads.

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Being a dad is a challenge. We want to share personal stories of our own successes and even our failures as dads. And we invite you to tell us what’s worked for you. Growth comes best in the context of community; the more insights we share, the more we benefit. Most importantly, everything we include in this blog, whether a humorous story, a video that touched us in some way, or some anecdote, will be subject to the transcendent truth of God’s Word. Why? Because we actually do have a manual for raising children; the Bible. And there’s no better book to raise your family.

So, we’re glad you’re here! We hope you’ll think with us, laugh with us, engage with us and pray with us over our families. If you like what you’re see, tell others. We’ll all grow to be better fathers when you do.